If you are not fast enough... If you don't speed up...

You freaking DIE!

To be fair, you’ll die anyways.

The context is this for you my friend: you have the need to do, act and achieve great things, right? (Whatever that means)… Projects, breakthroughs, relationship, intelligence, nobel prize etc.

But those great things are so slow, SO SLOW TO BUILD!!!!!

It feels like clock is running faster than me. I’m an old man soon. 👴🏻 Clock! Slow down, will ya?

I think this internal angst about the ever running time is good. I think it helps.

I think it makes me more resource-efficient. It’s a wake-up call to make me utilize resources better to eventually break-even and turn net positive in this long-term project called life.

What do you think? Should we speed up and do more? Or should we do the same amount of work but be more strategic on how we allocate it?

I think I need to speed up.

For instance, I have a project, like a website and I’m just polishing it and getting diminishing returns while I know there’s better resources to be utilized, for bigger bang for the buck.

It feels like I’m cleaning one mug over and over again, while the sink is full.

…Maybe I need to be more strategic then.

I came up with this concept of speed hacking. In one Simpsons episode I saw this TV-guy firing somebody because he wasn’t quick enough in his job. Later I heard how in Goldman Sachs the speed of working is insane. I also heard about blitzkrieg tactics in WW2 (quick rapid attacks so the enemy has tough time to keep up and respond).

I figured, there’s growth hacking and such, why not speed hacking? I don’t know what speed hacking means, but maybe we can come up with something? Or maybe it is just another word for productivity… But hey, I love me some word twisting. They’re inspirational. New angles help.

Let’s speed hack life, beat the clock, achieve the great things and turn positive returns in this project of life!

Good luck,